Frequently Asked Questions

How big is Clover Lawn hall?

The main floorspace of the hall is 2600 square feet, with dimensions 65 ft by 40 ft. In metric, this is 240 square metres, with dimensions approx 20 m by 12 m.

What is the fire code capacity?

When liquor is being served and tables and chairs are set up in combination — the situation for most weddings or family reunions — the capacity is 194 people. It is up to the renter to abide by this limit.

How big are your tables?

The round tables are 5 feet across (60″ or 1.5 metres) and the rectangular ones are 8 feet long (96″ or 2.4 m) and 2.5 feet wide (30″ or 0.76 m). Normally, we seat 8 people around each table, but you can put 10 around the rectangular tables if you seat people on the ends. We have a total of 10 round tables and MANY rectangular tables (you won’t run out, I promise). We also have 3 sturdy wooden tables that people often use for the buffet. They are more like 9 feet long and 3 feet wide.

Do you have wifi?

Not yet. The Telus hub in our area has been full for years. We are working on getting another provider and hope to have internet before the summer 2023.

How many chairs to do you have?

We have 198 of our nice, dark blue fabric covered chairs. They cannot be used outside. We have 40 wooden chairs that can be used outdoors.

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View from the stage showing several tables set up.