Rust Bucket Jamboree

June 10, 2023

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All Canadian Structures

Dal Virdi, Leduc County Councillor for Division 3

Thanks to Leduc County and the City of Leduc for their support.

Join us for a fun day celebrating the rusty, old vehicles we all have and love! It’s like a show and shine, but the cars/trucks are not so shiny and if they could talk, they’d have really great stories to tell… about getting stuck on that dirt road, or the time they went off-roading and almost didn’t make it up that one hill! Or the time they hauled that particularly angry bull to market!

We have a lot planned for our family-friendly fun day, in addition to prizes for the rustiest vehicles! And there is no entry fee.

Live music by Travis Dolter, Carrie Day and Joe Nolan!

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Register in advance.

To enter any of the rusty vehicle contests, registering in advance is recommended. Winner takes half of all the entry fees.

  • Rusty Vehicle contest entry ($20) Three categories: Most Overall Rust, Most Creative Repairs, Highest Mileage (you can enter more than one category)
  • Mechanical Bull Riding Competition ($20 to compete, $5 for practice rides!)

Poster describing musical artists, events, contests and games happening at the Rust Bucket Jamboree on June 10, 2023

Prizes for Rustiest Vehicle

This jamboree is like a show n’ shine, but with a lot less shine!!

It starts at 10 AM – rust buckets should arrive between 10 AM and 4 PM to be judged. We prefer that you register ahead of time, but it is not required. Arrive early to get a good parking spot. Feel free to walk around and look at the rust buckets and exchange stories!

Rules: The vehicle must be road-legal. It must arrive under its own power and have a license plate, registration and insurance. It should be a vehicle you actually still drive regularly!

Cars, trucks, SUVs… they will all be judged together. Perhaps in the future, we’ll have separate categories.

It costs $20 to enter a vehicle in a contest and you can enter to win more than one (for example, if you have rust bucket with a lot of miles on)! Prize amounts will be awarded like a 50/50 (half of all entry fees).

The Most Overall Rust Prize is pretty straightforward — the vehicle with the most rust wins!

Highest Mileage is obvious — the highest mileage wins. When you arrive on site, your odometer will be read and written on a display board which will be put in the windshield.

Most Creative Repairs — Sometimes you just can’t keep driving with all the holes. So, you have to do something about it. The prize will go to the vehicle with the most creative (not necessarily professional) repairs. If you have wire holding a bumper on, or fibreglass AND bondo on your tire wells, this category is for you.

It is possible that the same vehicle could win Most Overall Rust and Highest Mileage, or that the Most Creative Repairs prize could go to the Highest Mileage winner.

The judges will be from among our sponsors, community experts, body repairmen and/or mechanics. If you would like to be a sponsor, contact us!

Prizes will include the cash, a trophy and bragging rights. Spread the word among your friends!

Mechanical Bull Riding Competition

First off, you don’t have to compete! If you just want to give it a try and see how your cowboy skills are, drop in during the day between 10 AM and 4 PM and ride for $5. At 4:30 pm or so, we’ll start the competition. It costs $20 to enter and the winner takes half the money from all the entrance fees! So tell your friends to come out and ride too!

For the competition: Each competitor gets one run at level 1 and you must stay on to advance to the next level. Each competitor has one run at each level. The one to make it to the highest level wins! Register here!

Bouncy Castle

There’s not much more to say… it starts at noon and goes until 6 pm with the usual height restrictions.


We have 4 new, custom horseshoe pits at Cloverlawn and we thought they should see some action! Toss a few shoes and remember, close does count in horseshoes!

Thanks to Twist Screw Piles and The Paint Shop at Tru-Kare Tank and Meter Service for donating our new horseshoe pit backers!

Pie Contest

Does everyone rave about how delicious your pie is? You should enter the pie contest! Donate one (or more) pies to the Jamboree and during the pyrogy supper, one piece will be removed for the judges to try. They will announce the winner at the end of supper and the pies (minus one piece) will then be auctioned off and eaten as dessert! (If you buy a pie, you have to share it with your table! Or you could be lynched!)

To compete: Pies must be dropped off at Cloverlawn by 1 PM to be in the contest. Pre-registration not required. Thank you in advance for your pie donation!

Pyrogy Dinner

We love pyrogies! Dinner will start around 6 pm and we’d love to have you join us. You can pre-order your dinner tickets here for $25 (for those aged 13 and up). Kids 7 – 12 are $10, and 6-and-under are free. You’ll get professionally-made pyrogies, sausages (more than is shown above), sour cream, and of course you have to have fried onions and bacon bits. Dessert will be the PIES from the pie contest! It will be a pie auction, so get ready to bid on your favourite pie to buy it for your table.

We would like to recognize the incredible hardships of those displaced from Ukraine and the struggles they must be facing.

Cow-Patty Bingo

This isn’t exactly BINGO… it’s more a chance to guess which square the cow will poop in! Only 100 squares will be sold at $20 each and the winner takes half! The squares will be sold between 11 AM and 4 PM, or until we’re sold out, and then the cow will be released into the field where the squares are marked. This was really popular last year, so buy your ticket(s) early!

Overnight Camping

For those coming from farther away, we offer overnight camping for free. We have limited space, so we do REQUIRE that you register in advance, by email (clcc233 [at] Please be sure to include the length of your camper rig (camper plus truck) so we can plan. When you arrive, we’ll show you to the spot we have reserved for you. Camping reservations close at 5 PM on Friday, June 9.

It’s rustic camping; we don’t have any hookups. This page may be of interest to you. We ask that everyone be a respectful camper and keep the noise down after 11 PM. No generators after 11 PM.

For those camping over, you can have a nice campfire (if the fire ban is lifted), sing some songs and tell tall tales!