Members of the community may join our membership at any time! It costs $10/family or $5/individual per year.

Our mission is: to promote a sense of community in the broad region surrounding Clover Lawn Hall by providing a venue for events, programs and services that benefit the membership and surrounding community residents.

The board members guide the association’s activities, and members volunteer also to get things done! Volunteer jobs include:

  • Helping at work bees for various projects such as maintenance or improvements to the property and/or building
  • Helping at events, such as the pancake supper, family Christmas party, etc.
  • Changing the letters on the sign
  • Shoveling snow from the entryway
  • Clearing snow from the parking area

We do have a few paid jobs. These are:

  • Rental Agent (paid an honorarium)
  • Grass mowing (paid an honorarium)
  • Janitorial (paid to thoroughly clean up after rentals)

We ask that members plan to volunteer for one event per year (about 4 hrs volunteering).

After being a member for 2 or more years, you qualify for a discount on hall rentals. Contact the rental agent (info below) to find out more.

We are currently seeking people to join the Board of Directors. Please contact us if you are interested.