Hall Photos

Our Kitchen

Our kitchen
Dishwasher on the left, one of the fridges straight ahead.
Our gas stoves — 3 ovens and 14 burners!
View of the middle island
Notice the small freezer in the corner.

Our kitchen is extremely well-stocked with dinner plates, coffee cups, small glasses, small plates, tea cups, small bowls, cutlery, steak knives, etc. We have plenty of spatulas, large spoons, cheese graters, you-name-it! This really is the ideal kitchen if you want to cater a meal yourself.

The dishwasher is meant for sanitizing; you do need to thoroughly scrape plates or pre-wash them before putting them through the dishwasher.

Not shown: double-wide glass door fridge, small fridge/freezer in the bar.

Available for $5/day: 100-cup coffee makers, caterer’s warming trays

Wedding Decorations

Thanks to the renters who have shared photos of their decorations!

Beautiful wedding!
View from the stage showing several tables set up. This was for a high school grad, so the head table is along the right.
Second view of the tables set up for grad, looking the other direction.