Our Fancy Horseshoe Pits

One of our association members has a son who works for Twist Screw piles in Wetaskiwin, and long story short, he wanted to make us some nice backers for our horseshoe pits!

They were made of solid steel and then painted by The Paint Spot/Tru-Kare, which is also in Wetaskiwin! They even plasma cut a clover and our name into the metal. They really are very special. Huge thanks to those companies for supporting Clover Lawn!

When you rent the hall and grounds, you can play horseshoes and if you as a community member ever want to come by and play a game, just send us an email or FB message and we’ll do our best to meet up with you to make it happen. And if you’re actually GOOD at horseshoes, be sure to come to our tournament at the Rust Bucket Jamboree, June 10, 2023! More information here.